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Pecan Honey Glazed Fried Chicken

Special thanks to: JR, Leavenworth, KS Servings: 4 Directions: 3-3/12 lb fryer cut into your favorite parts.Beat 2 eggs in 9x13 pan or chicken parts in eggs and coat on all sides and salt and season with a touch of garlic powder and salt and may deep fry or pan fry chicken. After chicken has been coated well place in bag of flour(about 2 cups self rising )Then fry till done .Let chicken drain on brown paper sack,then place on platter. in sauce pan melt 2 sticks butter and 1/2 c honey whisk together over low heat add 3/4 c coarsely chopped Surratt Farms pecans and simmer for 15 min stirring occasionally then spoon the glaze over the chicken and serve. Special Notes:

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