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Our Story

3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

TEXAS grown and TEXAS proud!
The orchards of Surratt Farms are nestled in the upper Rio Grande Valley, about twenty-five miles east of El Paso. Originally planted as a windbreak, the first pecan trees were cultivated in 1955. Our climate and elevation produce some of the best pecans in the world, with minimal intervention. We enjoy long, hot summers, abundant river irrigation, and cold winters. Our orchard management includes pruning, nutrition, and the knowledge and expertise that only comes with three generations of hands-on experience.

Sun Valley Pecan Company, Inc. is a state-of-the-art pecan shelling facility located in Fabens, Texas. Built in 2002, it has the capacity to shell up to 25 million pounds of pecans each year. Michael works with other pecan growers to shell, package, and deliver millions of pounds of pecans WORLDWIDE! Sun Valley Pecan is SQF L2, AIB, Kosher, and Organic certified, and is the area’s largest employer outside of the county.


About The Owners

Michael is a third-generation farmer. He was only 7 when he began working his Dad's vegetable fields and orchards! After graduating high school and attending Texas Tech University, he returned to the farm help his parents. He took over operations for Surratt Farms in 2000 and opened Sun Valley Pecan in 2002. Besides life on the farm, Michael is an avid racing and gun enthusiast with investments in both. Michael’s generous support in the areas of education and youth outreach has cemented his legacy as an honest and outstanding leader.

Angela is a native west Texan who moved to El Paso after attending college. She is VP of Regulatory Compliance and a SQF Practitioner. She's heavily involved in community outreach and education. As a two-time cancer survivor, she’s a strong advocate for cancer awareness and healthy living. Her kindness, compassion, and fearlessness have made her a strong leader within the community.  

Michael and Angela have six amazing children and are BLESSED to live the AMERICAN DREAM!

“ The right thing to do will always be the right thing to do, and if you live your life according to that principle God will bless you in ways that only HE can"

Michael Surratt

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