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Nutty Scrambled eggs

Special thanks to: PB, Servings: 3 Directions: Scramble 6 eggs beaten well with salt and pepper. (No the salt will not hurt you per recent reports). Add whole milk (2% will suffice if needed) equal to the total amount of egg batter. Again whip into a froth and add 1/4 cup of pecans including any broken pieces. Place in a large pan with Pam or butter (margarine simply doesn't give the recipe the same flavor), and cook until done stirring on a consistent basis, and draining off any excess fluid (water-at that point from the milk). eggs will come out fluffy and with a sweet nutty taste! Special Notes: If it is found that the pecans come out too soft, add them just near the finish of the cooking of the eggs that are cooked on a medium heat.

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