Pecan Snowballs

Special thanks to: ZB, Saint Louis, MO Servings: 1 Directions: Ingredients 1/2 cup real butter 2 Tbsp. granulated sugar 1 tsp. Vanilla 1 cup Surratt Farms pecan meats, chopped (measure before chopping) 1 cup cake flour (sift before measuring)* Beat Butter until soft. Blend in sugar and Vanilla, continuing to beat until well blended. Add flour gradually while continuing to beat. Add pecans in 3 parts, beating well after each addition. Dough will handle more easily if refrigerated for 30 minutes before shaping. Grease cookie sheet. Roll dough into small balls (1 1/4") and place on greased cookie sheet. Bake in preheated 300* oven for 45 minutes. Roll each cookie in powdered sugar while hot. When cool, roll again. *1 cup cake flour equals one cup less two tablespoons all purpose flour. Special Notes: This recipe makes about 36 melt in your mouth cookies. I have doubled it successfully. If you need still more, make two batches. This is hands down the number one favorite Christmas cookie at our home.


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