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Oatmeal Pecan Cake

Special thanks to: GL, pilot, VA Servings: 1 Directions: 1 ½ cup boiling water 1 c. oatmeal 1 stick margarine 1 c. brown sugar 2 eggs 1 1/3 cup flour 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. soda 1 tsp. salt Coconut Pecan Topping 1 c. brown sugar ½ stick margarine 1 c. coconut ½ c. evaporated milk ½ c. whole Surratt Farms Pecans Add water and oatmeal (let stand for 20 minutes). Beat margarine, brown and sugar and eggs until well blended. Add flour, cinnamon, soda and salt. Blend in oatmeal mixture. Pour in large greased pan and bake at 325 degrees for 35 minutes. Topping: Blend ingredients in saucepan over low heat until all is melted and mixed. Spread on cake while hot. Put under broiler until mixture browns. Watch carefully so it doesn’t burn

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