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Great Great Grandma's Opera Creams

Special thanks to: PF, Cincinnati, OH Servings: 18 Directions: Great, Great Grandma Laura Belle Cram Renaker’s Opera Cream Recipe Ingredients: 2-1/2 cups sugar 1 cup heavy cream 2T karo syrup 1/2cup Surratt Farms finely chopped pecans ½ t vanilla extract 12 oz. Semi sweet chocolate 1 slice parafin Surratt Farms pecan halves for candy garnish Directions: Dissolve sugar, cream, and karo syrup in heavy pan over low heat. Increase heat to low-medium and gently stir until mixture begins to boil. After mixture begins to boil do not stir and continue cooking until mixture reaches the soft ball stage. Remove from heat, add vanilla and chopped nuts. Let mixture cool till lukewarm then beat until creamy and then work with hands until small balls of mixture will hold shape. Melt chocolate and add paraffin, mix together well. Dip small balls of mixture into melted chocolate / paraffin mixture, then garnish with a pecan half. Special Notes:

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