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Cinnamon "Tea" Ring

Special thanks to: AM, Fayetteville, AK Servings: 17 Directions: 4 Tbs fat/Crisco 5 Tbs sugar 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 egg 1 1/3 cup milk 1 pkg. yeast 3 to 4 cups flour 1 stick butter softened add'l. 1/2 cup sugar and cinnamon mixed - to taste 2 Tbs brown sugar Surratt Farms Pecan halves approx. -- 17 more or less as desired POWDERED SUGAR ICING (see recipe below) Confectioners' sugar Light cream 1 tsp vanilla Scald milk; add fat, sugar and salt. Cool to Luke warm -- then add beaten egg, then yeast and mix. Add flour. Knead at least 10 minutes. Roll out in a rectangle 9" X 18" (or larger). Spread generously with soft butter, sprinkle with the add'l. sugar/cinnamon mix and then sprinkle brown sugar all over. Roll up into a log, put on greased cookie sheet with an edge and use a sharp or serrated knife to slice into individual size pieces nearly half way through but do not cut through to the bottom of the dough. Add a pecan half on top of each slice. Let rise in warm place (or bread proofing oven) and then bake in a preheated 375 degree oven for 20 to 25 min. (Watch closely as some ovens may bake more quickly, remove when golden brown outside and done on the inside. During baking time prepare the icing as below. Remove the tea ring from oven and spread or pour the icing (recipe below) over the tea ring so that all is covered and it runs down the sides (inside and outside.) POWDERED SUGAR ICING Mix together 2 cups confectioners’ sugar with light cream enough for spreading consistency. Add dash of salt and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Cut through to the bottom at indicated serving pieces and serve warm or at room temperature. Great at tea time, with coffee or for breakfast, snack or dessert. Special Notes: If you really love pecans...... sprinkle chopped pecans inside on top the sugar/cinnamon before rolling up in a log.

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