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Praline-Topped Brie

Special thanks to: BG, Brandon, FL Servings: 10 Directions: Prep: 10 Minutes Bake: 15 Minutes Oven: 350 degrees 1 13-15 Ounce round Brie or Camembert 1/2 cup orange marmalade 2 tablespoons brown sugar 1/2 cup chopped Surratt Farms pecans Toasted baguette slices and/or assorted plain crackers One: Preheat over tin 350. Place round of cheese in a shallow ovenproof serving dish or pie plate. In a small bowl stir together orange marmalade and brown sugar. Spread over top of cheese. Sprinkle with pecans. Two: Bake about 15 minutes for smaller round (about 20 minutes for larger round) or until cheese is slightly softened and topping is bubbly. Serve with crackers. Special Notes:

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