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Baked Frosted Pecans

Special thanks to: MK, Louisville, KY Servings: 12 Directions: 1 lb.SURRATT FARMS pecan halves 1 cup sugar 2 stiffly beaten egg whites 1/2 cup buter dash of salt Toast pecans @ 225º for 15 minutes. Combine salt & sugar into egg whites which have been stiffly beaten. Fold in pecans & coat well. Melt butter in 9 by 13 pan & spread in pecans. Mix pecans in butter until coated. Bake @ 325º for 30 minutes. Turn pecans in butter every 10 minutes until butter is gone. Special Notes: I fix these every Christmas for my family. It isn't Christmas @ Granny's house without these baked pecans. My family & friends love them. Hope U 2 will enjoy them.

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