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In keeping with our promise to do it better, Surratt Farms allows customers to custom design their own Gift Tins. You choose the tin and the contents and each tin is made to order, fresh and exactly the way you order it, guaranteed.

Nutritional Information

The information and research below was conducted by the National Pecan Shellers Association. For even more information you should visit their site: National Pecan Shellers Association
  1. Going Low Carb? Go Nuts!

  2. Confused About Carbs?

  3. Health News You Can Use - Go Nuts for Pecans! (Putting the Health Claim to Work in Your Diet)

  4. Three New Studies Link Nut Consumption with Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes And Overall Optimal Health

  5. Pecans "Fit the Bill" Spelled Out by New Guidelines Designed to Reduce Chronic Disease

  6. Study Demonstrates Pecans A Consistent, Rich Source of The Beneficial Antioxidant Vitamin E

  7. Nut Consumption Linked with Reduced Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death Says Harvard Research

  8. Adding Just a Handful of Pecans to a Traditional Low-Fat Diet Can Dramatically Lower LDL Cholesterol

  9. Pecans Help Control Cholesterol Levels and Other Biomarkers of Heart Disease

  10. Specific Type of Vitamin E in Pecans May Improve Intestinal and Prostate Health

  11. Pecans Can be Part of a Heart-Healthy Diet

  12. Foods, Such as Pecans, May Reduce the Risk of Stroke

  13. Pecans Contain Heart Healthy Sterols

  14. Mediterranean Diet Including Nuts More Effective Than Low-Fat Diets For Weight Loss

  15. Research Finds Pecans Added to a Regular Diet Can Lower "Bad" and Total Cholesterol

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